Department Chair Resources

CoM-P is a young college that continues to develop rapidly and is highly defined by its network of renown clinical, scientific and educational partners and collaborators. As our college grows, we pay close attention to the development needs of our faculty leaders within our departments and affiliate training institutions.

In our Department Chair Resources portal, we provide an e-forum for quick and centralized access to documents and templates. The site includes both practical internal documents and philosophical, but evidence-based short reads specific to academic medicine. It is our goal to assist various departmental leaders (i.e. P&T chairs, mentoring and education committee chairs, etc) with the tools and inspiration for getting through parliamentary requirements inherit to the academe as well as to cultivate successful leadership approaches to build and sustain faculty vitality. Of course, nothing replaces a good 1:1 with the deans of OFAD. We are happy to meet and discuss the tailoring of academic initiatives, and provide needed direction and advocacy as each department requires individual attention in strategic growth planning.



Strategic planning at all levels is critical in setting and meeting institutional goals. At CoM-P we pride ourselves in working collaboratively with our broad network of valley affiliates and academic collaborators. To do this effectively and respond to the needs and changes of the academic and clinical community, leadership at the highest level must come together, communicate and plan as a team. The college is strongly committed to the continued development of its executive leaders. As such, campus-wide offices work in close collaboration with the leadership to determine needs and planning via leadership retreats.

Executive leadership retreats are held on an as needed basis.